April 6th, 2003

last unicorn

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The show was really fun last night. :) Zaphod's was, as predicted, rather packed, but we got there early enough to snag a seat for the opener, and then managed to get up close to the stage once Stars came on and stayed there for the rest of the night. Stars were really on -- they played their loudest and most bouncy stuff, and had a few member of BSS up there jamming with them. They really had the crowd going and it was all very happy and fun and great.

Broken Social Scene had just won a Juno, and a few of them may have had a number of celebratory drinks before taking the stage. They were, unfortunately, riddled with technical problems. :( Their Rhodes was completely non-functional, and then one of their amps blew a fuse in the middle of a song. I think the lead-singer-guy was getting quite frustrated, which was unfortunate. And then they got chased off the stage by the club people before they were quite ready to go (their set having taken longer to get going because of all the technical stuff), which I think really quite upset them. :( :( It was a shame, because the stuff they did manage to play was really good. I wonder why they had to make them get off the stage....
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