March 30th, 2003


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Wow. This week(end) I have been some kind of crazy party person. It's like I actually have a social life or something. Weird.

Wednesday, Sean & Colin went out to have a few drinks and then stopped by my place and we hung out for a while. Rather longer than intended, actually, but they're such funny boys and they kept me pretty entertained, so I didn't actually keep very good track of the time. Oops.

Thursday wasn't super-eventful, though I had a terrible time getting to sleep. I kept thinking it was already Friday, and then it wasn't. Sad.

Then Friday, as already posted, I was out 'til the wee hours with my coworkers. I had every intention of then taking Saturday really easy and going to bed early, but Sean & I got an invite to hang out at Mark & Laura's and play cards and stuff, so of course I went. :) It was very fun, and actually pretty laid-back. So I'm not really that much of a crazy party person. But it just seems like I've been going out/staying up late an awful lot lately. You know, like an actual person my age.

Spenser hates it when I go out late and leave him alone, but he's a big fan of the mornings after when I lie very still on the couch and let him sit on me. Heh.
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