February 18th, 2003

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I am so exhausted. I have virtually no energy. It's a really good thing there's just one more day to go until my mini-vacation.

I am not going to the gym today. I'm giving myself a break. I'm trying to convince myself to go to the store to get laundry detergent so that I can do my laundry and wash my sheets. I am not being very convincing. But if I don't at least wash the sheets tonight, I will have to wash them when I get back Monday afternoon/night, and that won't be fun. :( At least I can pack the rest of the laundry up, student-style, and do it when I'm at my parents. I feel bad doing that, but...

I really don't want to go out again. I want to have a bath, and curl up with a book. I think it would not be the end of the world if the sheets didn't get washed until Monday or Tuesday.

I don't know why I've been do tired lately. I just feel drained. I haven't been sleeping properly, or enough, or something. It's not work stress -- work has been (relatively) laid-back recently. Maybe it's just that I need a break. In which case, this mini-holiday should get me back on my feet again.

I'm not sure if I've posted about my mini-holiday. I had originally planned to go somewhere interesting and stay in a hotel and stuff, but I have decided to go to my parents' place in Peterborough instead. Because what I need, as much as anything else, is the down time. Unfortunately, it turns out that I have chosen to take this holiday during Reading Week and all my siblings will be home. :/ Not that I don't love my siblings, but I was kind of looking forward to the *quiet* of being home almost-alone. Ah well.

I'm also going to spend a day or two in Toronto -- going to the ROM, maybe the AGO, and hanging out with R. So I will get some 'proper' travelling in as well as flopping-on-my-ass-at-the-parents'-place travelling.

Whew! This has been a very long post.
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