December 22nd, 2002

last unicorn

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I am in a really good mood. And I don't know why.

Maybe it's because my Xmas shopping is really truly finally done (I found a nice little pewter business card holder for my Dad's desk. It's pretty).

Maybe it's because I only have 2 more days of work and then I get to go home and be festive with my family.

Maybe I'm just balancing out my crappy mood of last week.

Whatever. I'm going with it.

Plans for today:
Go to the gym
Have coffee with fireinthehead
Wrap Xmas presents and pack them up
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    Belle and Sebastian -- This is Just a Modern Rock Song
last unicorn

(no subject)

Presents are wrapped.
Had a good workout at the gym.
Had a wonderful long chat with fireinthehead over coffee. Got to smile at cutecoffeeshopboi (who is still cute, despite a rather unfortunate recent haircut).

It's been a good day.
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    Belle and Sebastian -- If You're Feeling Sinister