December 19th, 2002

last unicorn

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Today was not so terrible in the end. Not nearly as bad as yesterday. Everything got dealt with in the morning (well, before I finally got lunch at 1:15....), and it's now officially out of my hands. So I spent the afternoon packing for our move tomorrow, and puttered around a little. And tomorrow won't be bad either -- they're disconnecting our computers and phones at 10am for the move, so I think we're going to have planning meetings, which will likely be boring, but not too stressful. So all is once again well in Beth-land.

Except that I didn't get my coworkers anything presentlike, and I think everyone else is exchanging gifts. Oops. I'll tell them all that they'll get January presents. I feel a little bad about that, but it honestly never occurred to me. Small breach of etiquette there, I suppose.

Okay, tired. Not articulate. Early to bed with me tonight.
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last unicorn

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I'm not done my Xmas shopping after all.
My brother and I got the same thing for my Dad -- except that he's burning it and I bought it, and since he's too poor to buy presents (impoverished student), I have to take mine back.

This means shopping during Xmas rush.

And I have NO idea what to get my Dad now. Any suggestions would be more than welcome. I'd rather not be driven to buying a tie.

My brother and I also bought the same present for my Mom -- but he's taking that one back (there was no way I was going to unwrap and return two presents).

And I was feeling so Xmas-joyful about having gotten appropriate presents for everyone. Now I just feel grinchy and inclined to gripe about the materialism of the season.

Bah humbug.
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