November 12th, 2002

last unicorn

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Just got back from the gym. It was a good workout, but now I am tuckered out. Should sleep well tonight. This is a good thing. :) (I slept really poorly last night, and I'm not sure why. I hate it when that happens.)

I'm reading a really good book right now -- I reccomend it to all of you. It's called The Last Samurai, by Helen DeWitt. It's about a genius kid, his mother, and Seven Samurai. And I'm enjoying it immensely. :)

I was all creative and accomplished on the weekend. I actually wrote a song. Admittedly not a brilliant song, but a definite improvement over my previous songwriting efforts. And it was fun, and it was actually something creative, and I am very proud of myself. Mind you, y'all will probably never hear it... ;)

This concludes tonight's random collection of statements. 'Night all.
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