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It's that time of the year again - when the alarm goes off, and it's
still night outside. When you get yourself out the door, and the sky is
still black (yesterday, I had a lovely and ominous red sunrise to see as
I waited for the bus; this morning, thanks to the rain, it was just
dark). When, by the time you get out of the office at the end of the
day, the last vestiges of sunlight are already fading.

I find it really hard to wake myself up and get motivated when
everything is dark - darkness, my mind tells me, should be for sleeping!
So winter can be a tough season during the working week. (Weekends are a
different story - I can sleep in, and then play outside while the sun's
out and curl up by the fire when it's dark. Winter weekends can be quite
nice, really.)

Fortunately, we're going to get a bit of a reprieve when we fall back
out of daylight savings time in a couple of weeks. But that's just
temporary - by the end of November it's going to be dark pretty much all
the time.

Man, I'm just a bundle of cheer this morning, aren't I? This post
brought to you by rainy mornings, the northern hemisphere, and the
letter "D".
Tags: real life, weather

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