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One of the side benefits of my shiny new job is that I got an office
with a window. It's an old building, and the way it's set up means just
about everyone gets a window. Furthermore, the windows actually open
(This is utterly astonishing to most office workers. I didn't think
office windows that opened still existed).

I am getting completely spoiled by this.

It's lovely, when the weather is nice, to be able to get some fresh air
into the office. And seeing the sunshine on a regular basis is
definitely good for my mood. It's going to be particularly nice during
the winter, when I would otherwise never get to see the sun (arriving at
work in darkness and leaving in darkness can get pretty depressing when
you spend the time in between far away from any natural light).

It does, however, have the side effect of making me gaze longingly out
the window from time to time, wishing I could go outside to play.

Especially on a day like today, when the sun is shining, and the trees
are starting to change colours, and it just looks lovely out there. Way
more pleasant than sitting at my desk being productive!

Curse adult responsibility!
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