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So I'm going to buy myself a present in the very near future: a Digital SLR. I've been wanting one for a while; I love my Canon PowerShot, but have been itching for a little more control and capacity. And then, a couple of weeks ago, my camera died on me.  And not having a camera is really driving me crazy. I've tried using Colin's, but his is even smaller and has fewer bells and whistles than my PowerShot, and it just doesn't feel natural to me (although he loves it). Also, it isn't mine! So, although I do still want to get the PowerShot fixed, this is giving me the push needed to actually go out and seriously look at SLRs.

I've got it narrowed down to two options: the Nikon D60 and the Canon Digital Rebel XSi. They're both relatively entry-level, as digital SLRs go, but good enough that it would take me a while to get good enough to max out their capabilities. I'm leaning pretty heavily towards the Canon -- it's more expensive, but it has some nice bells and whistles, and I think it's a little bit of a better quality camera. The only real downsides are that the shutter button is in a bit of a weird place (which I would get used to after using it for a week, but which is weird when you're just picking up the camera to try it out), and that the Nikon has a better warranty. And the price thing. But I've got the money saved, and I don't think this is something I really want to scrimp on.

So now I just have to make sure I'm really really sure, and then go out and buy it. Which I should do in the next couple of days, since I'm going home for Thanksgiving next weekend, and that'll be a great chance to take lots of pictures and practice. Plus I can't not have a camera for Thanksgiving!

All this to say... you can probably expect to get inundated with pictures in the next little while, as I go camera-happy.
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