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It's almost Friday. This is a good thing.

I tried to price out travel to Montreal & Quebec City... but when I tried to tell the Via rail site I wanted to leave for Montreal on Feb. 27th, it told me it was an invalid date. Hrm. I think something's wrong with Via's site. I dunno... I may just go to Toronto. I'd have a free place to stay. And I could spend a day at the ROM.... that would be fun. I do like the ROM. Need to think about that some more.

Should also see if I can get the time off work, I suppose. That's not likely to be a problem, though -- my boss is really good about giving us time off. And now that the launch is over, things are slightly less crazy. It's mostly funding stuff now, and I'm not directly involved in that, so I'm not totally indispensible.

Oy.... I'm starting to get tired. I think I'll be going to curl up with a book soon. :)

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