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Race Report

Satuday was the Somersault National Capital Triathlon. I did an Olympic. My goal was, as always, to finish, and preferably not to humiliate myself too terribly much, but my secondary goal was building confidence for the Half-Ironman that I'm doing in (gulp!) a month. So I wasn't trying to be blazingly fast so much as to feel strong and to feel like I wasn't all-out exhausted.

Final Time: 3:44:36 (or so) -- which is pretty much my standard time for an Olympic distance.

My swim wasn't the best I've ever had. I was having a lot of trouble sighting, for some reason, and I ended up zig-zagging rather more than is really ideal. The water at Mooney's Bay is pretty full of weeds, too, which are terribly distracting (not to matter gross when you take your bathing suit off after the race to shower and they're still attached to your skin... ew!). At one point, I thought I saw a school of huge fish directly underneath me, and I briefly freaked out. Which is weird, because fish usually don't bother me, but I just saw these ones out of the corner of my eye, and had a startle reflex. I don't actually think they were really fish (because what fish in their right minds would be swimming along right underneath a mass of thrashing triathletes?) -- it was probably just a clump of weeds and a trick of the light. But my stupid startle reflex definitely slowed me down.

So my swim time (including transition) was 43:15. Not my fastest, but not completely embarrassing. The good news is that I was feeling strong at the end of it, and I definitely could have done another 500 metres, no problem. But then, the swim isn't the leg I'm worried about...

On to the bike! The first two laps (out of four) went really quickly -- it didn't take me too long to get my bike legs going, and I was feeling strong. I was surprised by how quickly I made it to the turnaround, which really helped my confidence. The second two laps were a bit slower, partly because I was getting tired, and partly also because I was starting to think about not completely killing myself. I'm going to have to watch that for the Half -- it would be really easy for me to wear myself out on the first half of the bike.

Bike time: 1:44:16. I'm not sure I felt like I could have doubled the distance, let alone more than doubled it (which is what the half will be -- 90km to the Olympic's 40km)... but I could have done another couple of laps. So I will have to be really careful to pace myself reasonably, and not push too hard for speed.

And then the run! The run was two 5km loops, and  felt really good, with only one minor hiccup -- I got some severe intestinal discomfort on the back side of the first loops. I think I was drinking too much gatorade with the energy gels, and not enough water. At least, that's my theory. It meant I had to walk for a little bit while my stomach got itself back under control. The rest of the run went really well. I ran the vast majority of it, only letting myself walk a couple of the really steep hills (yeah, I know, I probably could have run them -- but they were BRUTAL hills!).

The only other thing that marred the run was that at this point, it started to cloud over... and thunder started to rumble in the distance. Since thunderstorms had been forecast, I was sure our luck had finally run out, and I was going to get soaked -- and possibly lightning-struck! Fortunately, the thunder moved off, and I didn't get rained on at all. But it was a little uneasy-making for a bit there...

Final run time: 1:17:06. And could I have run more? With increased walking breaks, yes, probably -- at least before I did the final sprint up the hill (yes, another hill) to the finish line. After that, I didn't have much left...

So... am I more confident about the Half? Maybe a little bit. I'm still terrified, mind you. :P
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