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Last night, I finally got to see the end of S3 of Battlestar Galactica.


My initial reaction was, there's no way those four are Cylons. There's
obviously something different about them, but the Cylon conclusion is
hardly definitive. There's Tyrol's kid, for starters, which completely
undermines the Big Deal that's been made of Hera as the only Cylon-human
hybrid. And Tighe is way too old to be a Cylon, since the humanoid ones
were (supposedly) only developped after the last Cylon War.

But. Some googling around reveals that Ron Moore has confirmed that they
are Cylons, just "different" ones. So we shall see how that gets

Oh, and of course Kara's not dead. Duh. As fairplaythings and
I said after watching that episode, "she's just Marvel dead. She'll be
back." No way they were going to permanently kill her off without paying
off the special destiny bit. Plus, who's going to watch the show without
Katee Sackhoff?

I don't really think she's a Cylon, though. She's something else. We're
going to find out that she ejected and was grabbed by the heavy raider
that was flying around in an improbable last-minute rescue.

My current theory on Earth is that it's populated by the Final Five
Cylons (who are really the original five, or something), and that after
humans created Cylons, the Cylons evolved into a New Human Race, who
then created Cylons again, who are now in the process of evolving into a
New Human Hybrid Race.... You know, "all of this has happened before,
and all of it will happen again" and all that.

And the fifth Cylon? Gotta be Roslin, I think.

I could, of course, be completely wrong about all of this, but that's
half the fun, isn't it?

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