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Happy Chocolate Bunny Day!

A Very Happy Easter to everyone out there who celebrates that kind of thing!

And if you don't, I wish you a very happy almost-but-not-quite-Spring day. Or autumn, if you're in the southern hemisphere. Or just a good day regardless.

Today, I will be eating chocolate, and enjoying it mightily. In a fit of...something, I gave up chocolate for lent. Not really because I needed to give something up for lent -- I'm not terribly religious anymore, and I haven't done the lent thing for quite a few years. But because I felt I was eating a bit too much chocolate, and it seemed like a good opportunity to cut back a touch. So I have gone 40 days without chocolate.

This has been both more and less difficult than one would expect. Most of the time, it wasn't a big deal, and for the first few weeks, I was avoiding all kinds of candy, which was really good for me. But then I'd get random cravings -- like, last week I was having the strangest craving for Smarties. Seriously. And there was certainly stuff I missed - hot chocolate, for one. Tea is very nice indeed, but sometimes you just want a comforting mug of chocolate. Alas. Also, you can't really put a slug of Bailey's in tea. Or at least it probably wouldn't taste very good.

But now I'm back on the chocolate train. And you'd better believe I will be savouring that first Easter Cream Egg. (mmmmmm)
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