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Yarn regrets

I don't think I blogged about this at the time, but back when I was starting work on the baby blanket, I had a bit of trouble with the colour selection. I wanted to use Patons Astra, which is, as acrylic yarns go, relatively nice to work with, and tends to wear quite well (according to my Mom). But I couldn't get all the colours I wanted, so I ended up with five colours of the Astra, and for the purple, I used Bernat Satin. Which is actually softer to the touch than the Patons, but a bear to work with. It's slippery and splitty as the dickens. So everytime I get to the purple section, I'm a little sad that I have to deal with it. :P I'm also a bit worried that it's going to wear out sooner than the rest of the blanket. But Patons just didn't have a lot of bright colours -- or at least, not at Michaels. And I needed to get started.

Well. I was in Kingston this weekend, visiting my sister, and we went into S&R. And they have a bit of a yarn section. And they carry Patons Astra... in exactly the colour of purple I wanted.


I had resigned myself to the Bernat, and now I just want to smack myself for not looking harder. Curses.

And yes, it really is much too late to start over. Alas.
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