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I like working out with weights, especially free weights. Not only do I get to feel macho (which is always fun), I like having little blocks of achievement (okay, 2 more bench presses and then I get to go and do something else), which keeps me from getting bored. Also, I like having muscles that I can feel under my flesh. That's just neat.

But weight rooms can be awfully intimidating. When I got to the gym this afternoon, the treadmills and elliptical machines were all full of women going flat-out, but there was not a woman to be seen in the weight area. It was all big, manly men, who clearly knew each other, sitting around and hogging the benches. I went right ahead and had my workout anyway (and there were another couple of women who arrived after me), but it was quite uncomfortable for the first few minutes before I got into my groove. Not fun.

Also, I used a different machine for the "rowing" weights than usual, and it was clearly not designed for girls. Or at least not girls with any, er, endowments. Ouch.
Tags: gender, real life, training

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