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Moral of the Story: Don't Assume You Know How to Do Things You've Never Done Before

So there I am, knitting away at my top-secret knitting project, when suddenly -- the yarn snaps. I swear. I try to fix it (it's not too bad). I debate tearing the whole thing out and starting over. fairplaythings tries to convince me not to. It doesn't look that bad.

Then I go on the Internet to see if I can figure out if it's likely to unravel further. And I realize that I've been picking up stitches wrong all along. Which makes it my fault that I'm putting the yarn under stress, and my fault that it snapped. And means I really should start over and get it right.


Oh well. It was going reasonably quickly, after all. So it won't take me THAT long to catch back up, I hope.

Good thing I'm at home sick (very very sick!), feeling sorry for myself. Lots of time to knit when feeling sorry for oneself.
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