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Decisions, decisions

So, my sister's going to have a baby.

Naturally, this means I must knit a blanket. I think it's mandatory or something.

I'm trying to pick out a pattern, but I'm having a hard time deciding what I want to do. Should I do something fairly simple, like a log cabin pattern or some stripes in bright rainbow colours? Or should I stick with a single colour (or maybe two) and do patterns -- raised puppies and kittens and the like? Both would be cute. Both would be nice. I'm not sure which would be faster, but then, I do have some time (she's not due 'til May). I really ought to get started, though. And cotton or acrylic? (I don't want to use wool for a baby blanket, I don't think) AAAACK. Too many options. I should just tell her to pick something, but that would ruin the surprise.

Along the same lines, I also want to get the baby a book of some kind (since I'm the geeky literary one in the family -- gotta start the brainwashing early!), and I'm trying to decide what it should be. Not a baby book, but something sie'll be able to enjoy as sie grows up. I'm thinking of trying to find a really nice illustrated 1001 Nights or book of fairy tales -- anybody know of a particularly good one?
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