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I've been griping quietly to myself for quite some time about the increasing proliferation of pink Supergirl stuff. Setting aside the whole marketing-to-kids and branding-of-everything issues (also sources of griping, let me assure you!), there's something profoundly irritating about this apparent conviction that one can't have a "girl" version of anything that isn't pink. It's bad enough that we always have to have "girl" versions, that boys' stuff and girls' stuff is so rigidly gender-segregated, from birth on. But this apparent fear that, if we don't make it pink, the boys might get confused, and play with the GIRL toy. Or whatever is behind it. God forbid you be a girl who doesn't much like pink.

Never mind that Supergirl's actual costume is blue and red (a lot like her cousin's, actually) -- we'd better make all our Supergirl merchandise pink, in case someone doesn't realize it's for girls. Which leads to monstrosities like this.

But that's not all. Oh, no.

If Supergirl must be pink, so too must Batgirl, apparently.

And Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman?? Come on. The one big-name female superhero in her own right, not a spin-off of anybody? And we have to make her pink?

It hurts me, I tell you. It really hurts me.
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