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World's Nicest Bus Driver

I was on time on my way out the door this morning, but then I stopped to
listed to a piece on the radio about the Sûreté de
Québec admitting that the so-called agents provocateurs were their agents --
although they were certainly not provoking anything, they would never do


I thought I was still on time to catch the bus -- my watch said I had
another minute or two. But as I was walking up to the corner, there was
the 88, pulling through the intersection.

"Dammit," I said.

And then the bus driver looked over, saw me, and gestured to ask if I
was hoping to catch his bus. When I nodded, he pulled over and waited
for me to cross the street.

Now, I've often complained about OC Transpo, and their scheduling, and
their inability to keep to the schedule. But I must give kudos to this
guy, who went out of his way to be nice (he said he'd recognized me, and
that he was probably a little early anyway). Thank you, driver of the
8am #88! You made my day.
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