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It is becoming increasingly clear that my bike is trying to kill me

I knew when I got up this morning that I shouldn't be riding my bike. I
just knew it. But it was a sunny day, no rain in the forecast,
absolutely no reason not to, so off I went. I had an extra, empty
pannier because I was planning to go to the library at lunch (and I
still am, actually).

I'm biking down the street, all is well, the sun is shining, the birds
are singing... and then wham! I'm skidding across the pavement.

Fortunately, there weren't any cars coming at just that moment, because
I ended up in the middle of the street.

What happened, I realized later, was that the empty pannier hadn't been
secured very well, and was flapping a bit loose. It got caught in the
spokes of my rear wheel, stopping the wheel from turning and the bike
from going forwards. The sudden stop is what landed me on the ground.

I really was very lucky -- the accident happened just outside a Curves
(a chain of women's gym), and the owner/manager/someone saw what
happened and came out to rescue me. She sent me in to her bathroom to
get cleaned up, retrieved the bike from the street, and got me an
assortment of bandages to patch myself up. She even insisted I use her
very nice clean white towels to stop my bleeding knee! (I feel a little
badly about that -- blood is so hard to get out of towels!!)

Anyway, once I was patched up, I called the office to let them know I'd
be late, and walked the bike back home (it was about a 20-minute walk at
that point). I dropped off the bike, and got fairplaythings
(who was just on his way out the door when I showed up!) to polysporin
and re-bandage me.

Then, with a baleful look at my bike, I took the bus back in to work.

So what do you think: is my bike possessed, or am I just terminally
Tags: real life

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