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In which the author explains her lack of communication of late

My brother got married on Saturday. He married, almost literally, the girl next door -- his wife grew up across the street from us, and they've known each other and been friends since they were three. He's only four days older than her, too.

It was a really nice wedding -- a bit formal and traditional in places for my tastes, but very pretty. Well, the Minister did keep getting his name wrong, which was funny, but I'm pretty sure it was still legal. :)

Alas, no pictures at the moment -- my camera batteries died just as the service started -- but I'm sure there will be some in the near future (it's not like I was the only one with a camera, right?).

Anyway, as a result of the wedding stuff, I've had an insanely busy last couple of weeks, so I apologize to everyone I owe e-mails/messages to -- I promise I will get caught up very soon! No, really.
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