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race report

Saturday was my first triathlon of the season.

It went pretty well, all things considered. It was a pool swim, which is always a little strange since it involves extensive waiting around on the pool deck before you even get to start. My swim went well, I think -- I'd seeded myself appropriately so I didn't need to pass anyone, and no one caught up to me until the very end of the course (so he never actually had to pass me). The bike was pretty good too. I was trying to push myself to go faster, and I think I put my gears up a bit too high -- anyway, I was pretty tired out when it came to the run. The run was good in spots -- once I got going, I was doing a pretty reasonable pace. But my calves were really bothering me (fairplaythings thinks this means I need new running shoes, which is possible, although it seems a bit soon!), and there was a nasty hill that completely defeated me. So the run was, while not terrible, not my best.

The weather was absolutely wonderful -- you couldn't ask for better. Sunny, warm but not too hot... it was gorgeous.

In summary, not my best race ever, but a pretty decent start to the season. I am reminded why I enjoy this sport, which certainly makes it easier to train. :) And there's plenty of room for improvement over the course of the season!

Oh, and because only 2 other women were brave enough to enter the "Clydesdale" category (over 150lb -- 'cause that's sooooo big), I got a bronze medal. Woo! Go me!
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