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stupid stupid stupid

So, Canadian federal elections are about to have fixed dates.

This is a stupid idea.

It makes no sense in a parliamentary system of government. I don't understand why it's suddenly become so popular (The provinces have been trickling this way, too). Sure, Prime Ministers have always called elections when they thought they were most likely to win, but since they were always required to do so within five years, I didn't think it was a big problem for democracy. And this four-year thing still has a huge minority-government exception (which is convenient for Mr. Harper, who's desperately trying to decide when best to engineer the fall of his own minority).

This is dumb. I'm sure fixed election dates work in the 'States, but here.... they're just pointless.

I am so annoyed about this. I almost want to make a sign and camp out on the 'Hill. Kinda pointless now, though.

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