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Drama! Adventure!

Last night, fairplaythings and I were biking home from a
softball meeting last night(*), when suddenly the sky lit up,
fluorescent blue, and there were loud crackling noises. Sparks fell on
to the pavement. It was very dramatic. Then it happened again. The
street lights were all out, although the traffic lights were still

We stopped at a stoplight, and saw that something was going on with the
power lines ahead. There was a fire truck on the scene, and although
they hadn't stopped traffic (but were encouraging pedestrians to cross
the street), we decided it would be safest to walk the bikes up the
opposite sidewalk.

As we got closer, we could see what was going on. During the high winds
earlier that day (and they had been quite dramatically strong), a branch
from a nearby tree had fallen on to the power lines, and was now slowly
burning through. Every so often, it would trigger a flash of brighter
fire and a shower of sparks. It was quite impressive, really. We stopped
to watch it for a while.

Eventually, there was an even louder crackling-bang, flames ran along
the wires in both directions for a couple of feet, and there were
numerous showers of sparks so impressive that we wanted to duck, even
from across the street. The branch burned the rest of the way through,
and fell to the ground, where it quickly burned out.

And that was my adventure for the night.

* softball season is right around the corner! Hurrah! Anyone want to
play on my team? We're recruiting...

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