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The woes of cable-free life

Oh, the perils of becoming a fan of an ongoing television series when
one doesn't have sufficiently fancy cable (or, in my case, any cable at
all) to watch it as it airs.

We've become quite sincere fans of the new Battlestar
, and eagerly buy each DVD set soon after it comes out.
But we are, of necessity, nearly a season behind the rest of the world.
This makes avoiding spoilers extremely challenging at times. Especially
when it seems as if everyone else is watching the show and talking about

There's something agonizing about reading blog posts like "Oh my
goodness! I can't believe it! (read more...)" I am nobly not clicking
those little "read mores", because I know it will be so much better when
I get to experience the surprise first-hand. But...

It's almost enough to make one want to invest in digital cable and all
the fancy gizmos.

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