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No gym for me tonight, despite my good intentions. I ended up having to work late -- I didn't leave the office until past 5:30. It wasn't even steady work that needed to be done, either; it was running around gathering documents and revising documents and printing other people's revisions and assembling dockets and... generally, it was insane. I've eaten now, but I'm still feeling rushed and harried. Must. Slow. Down.

I did pick up a bottle of wine on the way home. I will be getting into that shortly. Need to settle my nerves, you understand.

Though actually, despite all the craziness, I feeling pretty okay. I don't have a huge weight of stress hanging on me, and I didn't even while all the running around was happening. I was busy, yes, and anxious for things to work out, but not tension-headache-inducing stressed. Thank heavens. I think the moral of this story is that a day off can work wonder for one's state of mind.

However, relative calm or no, I hope this does not repeat itself often. I know tomorrow morning will be more of the same, but it should be over by the afternoon. And maybe by the afternoon we'll even know if we can launch the site on Sunday or not...! (that might be too much to hope for, though)

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