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So fairplaythings and I watched the last episode of
Buffy last night. And there's one little loose end that's been
driving me nuts, and that never did get tied up.

Okay, so Buffy dies at the end of season 5. And it's a big heroic
sacrifice and makes me sniffle and is lovely. And then she's resurrected
at the beginning of season 6. She's been dead for a good 3-4 months at
that point.

At the end of the first season, she "dies" for less than a minute. And a
new Slayer is called. That's how we (ultimately) get Faith, the Other

So why wasn't another Slayer called when Buffy was dead for months on

Well, okay, story requirements. But nobody even mentions it. It's
possible to imagine, particularly at first, that this third Slayer is
just running around on the other side of the planet, and it's not
significant because they're not dealing with the same bad guys. But then
season 7 is all about the Slayer line being extinguished, and killing
all the potential future Slayers... and this other Slayer never seems to
cross anyone's mind.

She must, by the logic of the Buffyverse, exist. The Big Bad would
surely know who she is/be able to track her down (it can track down
girls who aren't even Slayers yet, after all). So why can't the
Convenient British Coven sense her? Why isn't she helping to protect the
slayerettes? Most importantly, why doesn't anyone ever think about
finding her and asking for her help? If one Slayer is good, and two are
better, surely three would be even better...

Obviously, it's a moot point at the end of the season. But it's a
hanging thread that continues to really bother me. Sigh.


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