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I am skipping work today.

I had a headache all day yesterday, and I think I was mostly just run down and stresed out. So I decided I needed to take a day for myself, just to regroup and make sure I don't really get sick. I suppose it's not 100% legitimate, but I'm pretty sure it'll be good for me.

Work's been so stressy lately, and although none of it is stuff that I can do anything about, or even stuff that reflects directly on me, I've been absorbing everyone else's stress and it's been weighing on me terribly. There are times when I hate empathy. :P

So. Plans for the day. Recline a lot. Relax. Watch the fluffy snow falling outside. Download happy music for the party this weekend (H was going to send me a bunch of her (ripped) CDs, but we couldn't get MSN to work between us for some strange reason, so I'm just downloading all the individual tracks.). I may go out later and rent a movie and buy some soup. And maybe some bubble bath. :)

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