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Race Report

Saturday was my one Olympic-distance tri of the season -- the National Capital. It went reasonably well, although not spectacularly.

The swim was generally good; for some reason I was having a lot of trouble sighting, and kept swimming in zig-zags, so I ended up doing more breast stroke than I would normally have liked to do. Still, I felt relatively strong, and ended up with a not-too-humiliating time.

The bike leg, unfortunately, did not go so well. For some reason, my legs were complete and utter jello for the first 10km loop (it was 4 loops, for a total of 40km). It was particularly weird given that, running from the swim exit to the transition zone, I was feeling really strong and comfortable -- I would have loved to have started the run right then and there. And then I got on the bike and -- jello. Bah. I blame having had to bike all over hell's half-acre the day before trying to pick up my new modem. So it's really Bell's fault.

The run was... not too awful. I alternated between feeling really good and feeling really, really tired and bad. A happy medium would have been nice, alas! But it went okay. I actually managed to pass one person on the run, which gave me a good feeling (it's not something I do often).

End result: last of those who finished (the girl I passed on the run was a duathlete). So what else is new?

But it turned out I was the only woman participating willing to register as a Clydesdale -- i.e., willing to declare my weight to the world at large -- so I won the category! And got a lovely little "Gold" thingy for my medal. And a nice set of bike tires. Cool.

I'm still not competitive at this distance (although I am getting better at the sprint distances). This year hasn't been one of my best as far as training goes, either, so that's probably a significant factor. I have to be more scheduled about it, since I'm so busy these days that I can't just go out when I feel like it.

So that's it: no more races this season. (We're going to be away Labour Day weekend, when we usually do one). I'm kinda sad about that. I must be an addict or something. Yikes.
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