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Feist concert recap

So last night I went to see Feist at 'Fest (Officially the Ottawa Bluesfest, but they don't really pretend it's blues-related anymore).

Let's get the bad stuff out of the way first: what is it with people going to concerts and then spending the entire time nattering away? It seems to be particularly bad at outdoor events like this one, and it completely confuses me (and ticks me off!). I mean, this is not a cheap event. I paid plenty of money to see this concert (and others). You must have, too. If you just wanted to gab, why wouldn't you have gone somewhere... free? Last night was particularly bad. I seemed cursed. I had staked out a nice spot with my lawn chair, about halfway back from the stage, and it was fine during most of the earlier acts, but then the chatters descended upon me. I finally packed up my lawn chair and moved forward, hoping to get away from the talkers. Instead, a young man and his girlfriend came up behind me. He was fiddling with his cellphone. He was trying to meet up with his buddy, so he kept alternately calling the buddy with long, involved descriptions of where he was, and shouting and waving ("Hey Joe! JOE!") during quiet songs. It only got worse when the buddy finally found him. Because the two of them simply did not shut up. It was terrible. And they say girls talk too much. I shot them a dirty look (way too Canadian and polite to do what I actually wanted to do and tell them to shut up shut up shut up!) and moved again. There was peace and pretty music for about one song, and then... I kid you not... they moved forward too. Aaaaaaaaaaack!

Anyway. The concert itself was really good. Lots of very nice music. The end of the show was particularly amusing, as she announced that they were going to skip the whole leaving stage and coming back thing, in order to save time. She promised "weird b-sides", which got a cheer, and then said, "oh hold on, we have something to get through first" -- and played the hit ("Mushaboom"). 'Twas very cute. The promised weird b-side was also very cute -- it was introduced as follows:
"Remember last night, this time, at this stage? Were any of you here? [Cheeers] Well, I WASN'T!!"
And then launched into a cover of "Lover's Spit".[*]

All in all, a fun concert. It would have been great, had it not been for Other People. But what can you do?

[*] The big single off Broken Social Scene's first album. BSS was, of course, performing Friday night.
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