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Our monuments are safe

Well, thank heavens. They've caught the
dastardly peers
. Our national monuments are safe again.

Please. This was actually on the front page of the CBC national site
last night. I'm so glad we have our priorities straight. A couple of
kids get stupid-drunk and pee in public, and all of a sudden it's a huge
controversy and MPs are wandering around declaring we need permanent
guards and the like. It's a huge overreaction. It was Canada day. There
were a lot of people wandering around downtown stupid-drunk, doing
stupid-drunk things. The public seems to be interpreting this as a
deliberate offense against our noble war dead. They seem to think the
photos should be interpreted to mean "ha! I piss on your values and
ideals!" when in reality, it's probably more along the lines of "yay! I
am drunk! I have no inhibitions! Whee!".

This is not to say that I approve of public peeing, particularly on
national monuments. I just think we've gotten our collective knickers
into rather too much of a knot over the whole thing. A little
perspective would be nice. Okay, so maybe we should have some more
security hanging around on large holiday events, in order to restrain
the drunken debauchery. But I really don't think this signals an
epidemic of... anything.

And of course, the kids are going to get the proverbial book thrown at
them, because the public is so outraged about the whole thing. Not that
they shouldn't get punished -- they should, and so should whoever got
them the booze. I'd just like to believe the punishment would fit the
crime, rather than fit the public outrage.
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