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Race Report

So, Saturday was my second
of the season. And I accomplished something I have never done

I beat fairplaythings.

I promised him I wouldn't gloat too much, so I won't dwell on it. But I
think I'm allowed a short a momentary "yay!" I am rather proud of
myself, after all.

It was a personal best, time-wise. I had an excellent swim -- solidly in
the middle of the pack. My run and bike were nearer the back of the
pack, but still nothing to complain about. My bike times continue to
improve, slowly but surely. I'd like to get a little faster on the runs,
but I think what I need to do is more "brick" training sessions (biking,
doing a transition, running), since my problem on the run seems to be
mostly that it takes me too long to get into a good running pace.

I had made a decision this year to focus on getting my times down and my
placement up, doing more sprint-distance races rather than
Olympic-distance ones (although I'm still doing one Olympic at the end
of the season, for the "fun" of it). Although my placement was still
further down this time than I would have liked (I guess everyone else
was making personal bests!), I certainly feel like my decision was
vindicated by the greatly improved time.

And, of course, races are way more fun when you feel that you're doing
well. :)
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