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I was told the other day that I'm a very tactile person. I've been thinking about that.
I suppose I am, to a degree; I like to make physical contact with people I'm close to. I derive great contact from hugs, etc. I feel that a great deal can be communicated with touch, and that sometimes touch can say things that words simply can't. So to that extent, yes, I suppose I am quite tactile.

By the same token, I have a huge personal space bubble, and I absolutely hate being touched by strangers. It makes me feel all squinchy.

Having said that, I think we don't touch enough in our (Western, North American, Canadian, Onarian...) society. We especially don't touch friends enough. If you're not in an intimate relationship with somebody, it's easy to go for weeks without touch anyone at all (except for the occasional handshake). And I don't think that's good for anyone. We're social creatures; physical contact reinforces our sense of belonging to a group. Staying within our own personal space bubbles probably makes us feel more and more isolated.

Now, I'm not suggesting anyone start hugging strangers. That would be creepy, and would probably get you arrested sooner or later. But I do think we need to hug our friends more often. Maybe I need to start doing that European cheek-kissing thing.

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