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Happy Birthday to me!

So far, it's a pretty mellow birthday. Which is good. I went out last night with some friends, and that was nice. Today I plan to take it pretty easy. I think I'm going to go out skating on the canal once my hair's dry, since the weather is a little more reasonable than it has been lately. I haven't been skating in (literally) years. The West Coast will do that to you.

I got a lovely b-day present from my parents. It's a picture of a lake at sunset, with a canoe pulled up against a rocky shore in the foreground. It's actually an Ikea picture, but is very nice all the same. The colours are beautiful. I'm trying to decide where to hang it now. Every now and then, my parents really hit the nail on the head with things like this.

Spenser is sitting on the TV right now, staring through the curtains. Not directly out the window, but at the actual curtain. What a strange cat.

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