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burrito19 tagged me! So here goes. (I don't think anyone I tagged has done this yet...apologies if I'm re-tagging anybody)

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: stir-fry Now, don't get me wrong here -- stir frys are yummy! And healthy! And all that good stuff. But (although I'm theoretically quite a decent cook), 80% of what I make turns out to be a stir-fry of one kind or another
Literary: Maeve Binchy Totally stereotypical women's fiction. And candy for the brain. But sometimes fluffy summer reading is just what one (er, me) needs.
Audiovisual: The Amazing Race Okay, it's cheesy reality TV. I don't care. I watch it anyway. And tape it when I'm not going to be home. Er.
Musical: the Killers I want to be a music snob. These guys are everywhere, so I should turn my nose up at them. But I can't. Just... so... damn... catchy.
Celebrity: John Cusack I'm not sure what "celebrity guilt" means, but I know that I will have a silly celebrity crush on Mr. Cusack until the day I die, no matter how many silly chick flicks he makes.

Now I tag:-

fairplaythings jellybeast polarbear gravities and f_t_b

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.
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