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Calendar Girl

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Monday morning

I fear this may be a terribly long week. I kept myself up last night
with angst over work and then, of course, the subsequent angst over
getting to sleep so as to be well enough rested for work (also known as
self-perpetuating angst). I wish I didn't get myself worked up so
easily in the evenings. I need to remind myself that it's just work,
and not a matter of life and death (although a matter of taxpayers'
money, but I don't have all that much control over that aspect of

Anyway. Sipping my coffee, trying to wake up and produce stuff.
Everybody's in that end-of-fiscal-year-state where everything is URGENT!
URGENT! URGENT! It doesn't help me get things done much faster -- it
just makes me anxious the whole time I'm doing them. Yeah, I bet that
leads to better work.

Ah well. Monday is only eight hours long.

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