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On Leah McLaren

It appears you either love her or you hate her. And that your opinion of her new book is closely related to your opinion of her.

On Saturday, in the Globe's Books section, was this gushing reviewof Leah's new book. Now, I'm really kind of a Leah agnostic. I wasn't particularly interested in her book, but it's not my kind of thing anyway. After reading the gushing review, I must confess to having been even less interested. Not even Salman Rushdie gets praise like this. Forgive me if I'm skeptical.

But then -- then! I come across this rather more scathing review. As a negative review, it's hilarious. But not really all that descriptive of the book at hand.

So what I'm left wondering is, did anyone actually read the book? Or did they just review Leah?

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