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Lyrics Quiz answers

Okay, so apparently my musical taste is even more obscure than I thought...

1. While the pale moon was sinking, I lay there drinking / And listening to my heart
"Down by the Water", Cry Cry Cry (originally by Jim Armenti)
2. You see 'em drop like flies from the bright sunny skies
"Not the Same", Ben Folds
3. Never going back and forth, I'm only going forward is what I keep saying
"What I Say and What I Mean", The Like
4. Catching Stupid's arrows in my teeth / Seeing what I'm not supposed to see
"Orbit of Me", Delerium
5. You can look at yourself / you can look at each other / you can look at the face, the face of your god
"Marrakesh Night Market", Loreena McKennitt
6. If you'd left me ground to stand on / I'd run so far away from you
"The Remainder", Sleater-Kinney
7. I think about a teacup, suspended and half-served / And all the scholars know is that it's perfectly preserved
"This Was Pompeii", Dar Williams
8. Angelic when wet, I just want to go down
"A Murder of Dudes", Department of Foreign Affairs
9. The big fish eat the little ones
"Optimistic", Radiohead
10. I'm helplessly happy you're happy, I just don't want to know
"Maybe a Son", Damhnait Doyle
11. Sometimes, I slip inside the imagery and / The last thing that's on my mind's / The first thing I'll do each time
"Paris Train", Beth Orton
12. All anybody really wants to know is, when you gonna come down?
"Recovering the Satellites", Counting Crows
13. I am human and I need to be loved / Just like everybody else does
"How Soon is Now?", the Smiths (and the only one anybody actually identified!)
14. Between the smoke trails of aircraft, the kite tails and light shafts / There's a language in the sky
"Avalanche", Thea Gilmore
15. I won't be made useless, won't be idle with despair
"Hands", Jewel
16. Maybe we'll get lucky and we'll both grow old / Well I don't know I don't know I don't know I hope so
"Ocean Breathes Salty", Modest Mouse
17. If you're a thought / you will want me to think you / and I do
"Scarlet's Walk", Tori Amos
18. But I can't live forever, I can't always be / One day I'll be sand on the beach by the sea
"Calendar Girl", Stars (fairplaythings, I am very disappointed in you!)
19. In my head, listening to windchimes / Married a fool, I know
"Former Lover", Saint Etienne
20. In the days, the golden days / When everybody knew what they wanted
"Half Day Closing", Portishead

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