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First time trying this client thing, so let's see how this works...

I am being terribly lazy today -- I'm skipping out on the gym. Bad me. Instead I have had a shower and I'm in my jammies, and I'm going to try out the DVD player on my nifty new computer with the DVDs I rented (Amélie and the Japanese versions of Princess Mononoke, for the interested). This is my first-ever DVD player. I'm so behind the times.

Anyway, I deserve a lazy evening. This week has been absolutely insane (in a bad way) at work. And it's not (quite) over yet. There has been all kinds of administrative/approval silliness, and we're not going to launch the site on Sunday as we had been supposed to. This is the umpteenth time the site has been delayed because of procedural stuff... we were originally supposed to launch Dec. 31. Argh!

And, of course, because I'm the writer, I'm the one who's writing all the letters and presentations and so on to convince the higher-ups to let us do our job.

There are times I don't like working for the government. Sigh.

But enough about my work woes. I'm going to have dinner and play with DVDs. :)

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