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Tired, so tired

So it's back to the grindstone after the "holiday season". Of course, I
was actually in the office for half of last week, but this week most of
my coworkers are back, and I am once again getting calls and setting up
meetings. Oddly enough, my level of motivation is not particularly high
at the moment. I'd love to still be on vacation. By which I mean,
hibernating in my house, not interacting with anyone. Except maybe the
cats. (Much as I like my friends and all, I am fundamentally an
introvert, and there has been a lack of non-people time lately, so I am
feeling a little worn out)

I was suffering from terrible insomnia last night, probably due to the
wacky bed-times of the holiday season. I was tossing and turning and
eventually had to get up and read for a while, until my eyes started to
get heavy again (at which point I had to seize the precise moment to
return to bed, lest I get a third wind, and end up unable to sleep
again). As a result, I am dreadfully tired today. And feeling rather
sorry for myself.
Tags: real life, sleep

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