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Hey, slightly-techier-than-me folks! Or anyone else with mp3 player experience!

I'm asking for an mp3 player for Xmas, and I'm trying to decide what kind I want. I know I want one with a big ol' hard drive, since it is my intention to put my entire music collection (except for a couple of CDs with stupid copy-protection on them) on it, so that I can take all my music with me wherever I go. I am not currently buying music on-line, but that could change if music so purchased were not chained to my computer (because I do lots of my music-listening in other places). I want something that's fairly easy to use, and will let me create playlists without too much struggling.

What mp3 players, in your experience, are the best? moonriddengirl, I know you have an iRiver -- are you happy with it? What would you change if you could? Anyone else with a 'player? Any and all advice is welcomed. :)

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