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General catchup

Much has been accomplished in the last few days. Much remains to be done.

But the house is starting to feel more like a home and less like a storage locker, so that's a good sign. The cats are speaking to each other (although this mostly seems to involve swearing and telling each other to bugger off).

I've found my cookbooks, so maybe this week I'll sit down and pick out some recipes to make. The boy has been most impressed by the fact that I actually cook, but I must confess that I'm getting a little bored of making generic stir fries. Time for something a tiny bit more ambitious. Not much more ambitious, though -- Only about half of the counter space is actually usable. The rest is housing the "stuff we haven't found a home for yet".

The next big project is, of course, holiday shopping. I really must get started on that, before it becomes a case of total panic. Holiday shopping is one of those frustrating things -- I love it when I find gifts that are just perfect for somebody, but I hate the last-minute ohmighod I have to find something anything so this person will have something to open but there's absolutely nothing remotely appropriate and... aaaack! And I have to get something for all of the boy's family, too, and that's always challenging.

Deep breath. Holiday shopping will begin this coming weekend. It will all fall into place. Really it will.

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