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I am, in fact, alive

And I even made it in one piece to my new living quarters. And all my boxes seem to have made it, too, as evidenced by the fact that they are strewn all over the house (unpacking always seems to take much longer than you thought it would).

The cats are fine, too, although they have not yet succeeded in establishing friendly relations with thier new cat-siblings (I'm sure this will come in time). They're struggling with a dilemna right now -- they want out of their "isolation room," and they desperately want to explore the rest of the house, but they do not want to have to deal with the cat-siblings who roam the rest of the house. Unfortunately, the cat-siblings refuse stubbornly to vanish as Spenser and Isis would like them to. But it will all be okay; we've had hissing and growling and mewling, but no actual fighting (definitely no blood), and no completely freaked-out puffy tails. This is all just part of the adjustment process (and negotiating who gets to be boss cat).

It is a little frustrating to watch them struggle so much with this. I want them to settle in and be comfortable and be able to roam the house and sleep with me again. But I cannot rush things. All in due time.


And there are so very many boxes to unpack. So very, very many.

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