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Theoretically, I'm throwing a party tonight. I'd like to take this moment to predict what the attendance will be.

Three people. I've got a hunch.

You see, I have a tendency to throw parties that nobody comes to. I don't know what it is -- must be a curse or something. Maybe I don't tell people soon enough. Or often enough. *shrug* [1]

Anyway, it's raining tonight, and, although I didn't ask for RSVPs, the only people I haven't heard from are the ones who aren't going to be able to make it. Except for the S.O. and one of my dearest friends (who offerred to bring food, so at least the three of us will eat well!). So I'm making a prediction that no one else will show. Let's see if I'm really clairvoyant. ;)

[1] To be fair, it's not a universal curse. I have, on occasion, thrown successful parties. They're just something of the exception rather than the rule, is all.

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