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Concert Report

Setlist for Tori Amos at the Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, August 27, 2005.

  • Original Sinsuality

  • Icicle

  • Blood Roses

  • Here. In My Head

  • General Joy

  • Mother

  • Crazy

  • Tori's Piano Bar: If you could read my mind

  • Tori's Piano Bar:Both Sides Now

  • Cars and Guitars

  • Northern Lad

  • Spark

  • Taxi Ride

  • The Beekeeper

  • Encore I: Jamaica Inn

  • Encore I: Cloud on My Tongue

  • Encore II: Putting the Damage On

  • Encore II: Baker Baker

It was a good show. Lots of older songs, which made me happy, although I heard a couple of girls complaining as they were leaving that she'd played all this old stuff they didn't know.

The merchandise was stupid expensive, which was disappointing. There were some quite nice t-shirts, but they weren't $45 nice. Alas, I am a cheapskate.

Also, I got caught in torential rains while trying to get to the show. I was quite literally wringing my skirt out when I got to my seat. This made for a rather chilly evening; I had a couple of cups of hot chocolate to keep me from freezing entirely. Naturally, the rain pretty much stopped shortly after I arrived. Sigh.
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