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Reasons for Vegetariansim

Not that I'm actively trying to convert anybody, but there are a few
elements in this story that would be enough to put me off eating beef
even if I weren't already all crunchy-granola about it.

They had to recall 1,856 pounds of beef that could contain part of
the imported cow
. Now, I will freely admit that I don't know how
much the average cow weighs, but isn't it a little unsettling that the
meat "could" contain "part" of the cow? Ick.

But perhaps more to the point is the reason it had to be recalled.
Because The United States prohibits the skull, spinal cord and
vertebrate column from domestic and imported cattle older than 30 months
of age in the food supply
. So that's 1,856 pounds of "meat" that
may contain skull, spinal cord and vertebrate column.

And note that, if the cow hadn't been a month too old, there would be no
problem with its skull, spinal cord, and vertebrate column being part of
your ground beef.

I'm sorry, my carnivorous friends. That's just icky.
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