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Happy New Year everybody! May it be all that you want it to be. :)

I had a very nice time at the NYE party. I even got to play a tambourine. And get wallopped at euchre. (Though we won the last game of the night, so that was redemption of a sort)

I'm not making resolutions this year, not as such. I'm pretty happy with my personal trajectory over the last six months or so, so I'm just going to try to keep it up. I've made some really positive changes in my life, and I'm feeling really good about myself, so I'm mostly going to maintain that to the best of my ability. I do want to either take guitar lessons or a photography class, though -- something to challenge my artistic side. I also want to do more writing. But those things aren't really resolutions, not specific to New Year's. They're things I've been planning to do for a while. So that doesn't count.

Besides, if I don't make any official resolutions, then I won't be able to break them. ;)

My plan for today basically involves lying on the couch, rehydrating and watching When Night is Falling, and then maybe reading a bit. All very low-key. I should do laundry, too -- I'm a bit short of work clothes -- but somehow I'm having a hard time getting motivated.

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