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Huzzah for Long Weekends!

Things I have accomplished thus far this weekend:
  • bought wedding present for my sister and her fiance
  • biked down to Hog's Back and spent some time enjoying the weather
  • while there, worked on back-to-school stuff and generated some more ideas about what I want to do
  • wrote over 2500 words of the too-long-dormant novel-like project (thus far -- I intend to write some more tomorrow)
  • bought groceries and cooked a proper dinner for myself
  • washed up all my dishes and tidied the kitchen
  • did the hand washing (the laundry that can't go in the machine

These may not seem like very impressive accomplishments, but I assure you, it's all stuff I've been meaning to get to for far too long, so this is definitely a good thing. And the rest of the laundry is getting done tomorrow, and I have also had time for lots of relaxing and fun reading, and hanging with the cats. This is what summer weekends are supposed to be like. Remind me again why I booked pretty much every other weekend this summer with some kind of activity?

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