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Same-sex marriage "inside job"

I really want to splutter and rant about this wretched editorial, but I barely know where to start. It's just so... absurd and offensive, all at once.

There's the bizarre obsession with female lawyers and reporters, the significance of which was never explained. Why would women be particularly in favour of gay marriage? Is it just some 'everyone who's not a straight white man is in league' thing? It's never made clear. And then there's the suggestion that two openly gay MPs magically changed the opinion of parliament, merely by being openly gay. And then it's all because of the Globe and Mail and the CBC. And so, gay marriage is due to the media, two gay politicians, and ... "women lawyers". What?

Let's not even get into the claim that the Conservative are "Canada's 'natural opposition party'".

And what does any of this have to do with Michael Ignatieff and David Frum?

I know, I know. I ought to know better than to read anything that comes out of the Sun, let alone try to make sense of it. But this is just so insane, it makes me wonder (snarkily) if someone's off his meds...

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