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Linkfest 2005

How'd they Vote?
This is a handy resource for keeping track of MP's voting records. Non-partisan and everything.

Novels bridge the cultural gap
This is an article about the suddenly increased popularity of books about the middle east, particularly memoirs and narrative non-fiction.
Worth noting is the comment on the second page that many of these memoirs are not entirely reflective of present-day Iran.

Weight-loss drugs make you sick

Skinny and rich
This one's no longer available without a subscription (curse you, Globe and Mail!), but it describes a study linking greater wealth to weight loss.
.... Ah. and here's another article about the study. This one has a few more details, and is a little more responsibly-written. It does actually suggest weight discrimination as an explanation for at least some of the difference. They beat me to most of the points I was going to rant about, so I guess that spares me some typing.

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